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ProjectSet is here to change the face of student internships by bringing employers together with a whole new cohort of young talent.


End-to-end project support

ProjectSet connects students with employers for remote project work, and provides them with an online workspace and tools for collaboration, execution and evaluation.

For Students

Get real-world industry experience at leading organisations and startups without needing to relocate.

  • Browse
    Discover projects in a field that interests you from world-class graduate recruiters.
  • Apply
    Showcase your talent and interest with just a few clicks.
  • Deliver
    Complete actual project work with the full support of the organisation through ProjectSet.
  • Accomplish
    Build your career skills with feedback, client recognition and awards.

For Employers

Access the right talent to support your project work.

  • Post
    Reach out to students across all universities in one go.
  • Select
    Choose a motivated team of interns that meets your project needs.
  • Manage
    Manage your team from a single platform, with expert support from a mentor.
  • Evaluate
    Assess your talent pipeline and build your employer brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are students matched to projects?

We do not actively match students to projects; however, we notify and encourage all students with relevant skills and interests to apply to each new opportunity. This way, we present a sizeable and relevant choice of candidates for the Employer to select the project team from. We help the right set of students and Employers to find each other.

Employers selects a project team primarily by reviewing and comparing online profiles of all applicants to the project post. Employers also have the option to message or interview specific applicants before finalising their selection.

In addition, Employers can also invite specific students and/ or mentors to join the project simply by filling in their email ids.

A student can withdraw her/ his application to a project before she/ he is selected by the Employer join the project team. However, a student cannot withdraw from a project team once she/ he has been selected by the Employer. In unavoidable circumstances, students are encouraged to speak to the Employer and email us at; we will do our best to help.

We notify students immediately on their selection by an Employer. We email an Onboarding document to the team members with their contact details and guidelines for accessing the Project Studio (the online workspace for the project) as well as a suite of valuable training, tools and templates. We notify the Employer to connect directly with the team and kick-off the project.

Project teams can revise project scope and timeline at any point, with approval from the Employer. The project team has access to all tools and features during the extended duration of the project.

Employers, and/ or their nominated mentor, review and comment on the interim deliverables from students teams (through either online messages or online meetings) one or more times during the course of the project. This also help students to course-correct, where needed. Finally, employers offer each student a formal, structured feedback on completion of each project.

On conclusion of a project, the project team selects the final documents (deliverables) that need to be archived for future reference (these documents are uploaded and accessible to project team members on their dashboards). Subsequently, the Employer records feedback for each member of the team and terminates access to the project studio (online workspace) to formally mark the closure of the project.

An Employer can terminate a project anytime. However, we strongly recommend Employers to post only confirmed projects that they are sure to undertake and discourage withdrawal of projects, notably ones for which students have already been selected. Premature termination of projects adversely impacts Employer’s reputation among the student community. ProjectSet does not refund any fees paid for projects that are prematurely terminated.



ProjectSet is backed by a friendly, supportive team that are here to answer any burning questions you may have about our platform. If there is anything you’re not sure about, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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