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Self-development and growth

“”ProjectSet allows me to have my own self-development and growth, so through them I can learn the skills that I need to then develop myself in the industry, and it allows me to showcase my skills for future employers.””

Jhonell Remorin

Student, De Montfort University

Gain new skills

“”ProjectSet allows me to gain skills all year round by completing projects which I can do online and in my space time, and through that I can just work whenever I like.””

Alain Gorrand

Student, Nottingham University

Work together collaborating as teams

“”It’s a great platform to gather greater and brilliant minds that can work together collaborating as teams towards tackling the most challenging problems of our society.””

Ataliba Miguel

Student, Portsmouth University

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Case Studies

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A collaboration with the Association of Indian Universities to digitise their annual programme.

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Read more on how BUPA uses ProjectSet to scout out potential graduate talent by viewing Digital Profiles.

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American Student Assistance (ASA)

Learn how ASA used ProjectSet’s unique on-demand video and Masterclass assets to support their target users with 21st century skills.

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AISL Harrow Schools

Find out how AISL partnered with ProjectSet to set up a cutting-edge skills education curriculum and programme.

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