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Learn about soft-skills at your own pace through short, on-demand videos and live masterclasses. Then, practice these skills in projects and competitions – either in a team or solo. Finally, showcase your new-found skills in your digital profile.

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Nurture your community

Set up your project to engage your target community in minutes. Whether you are a recruiter looking to connect with a large, diverse pool of talent, or an educator looking to offer project-based-learning to your students, or a Career Services advisor looking to connect with employers, we are here to help you.

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Everyone Wins

We connect learners, employers, educators and other community curators who support each other to achieve their respective goals. Employers reach a large and diverse talent pool, educators discover efficiency, and learners value the mentorship from educators and employers. Everyone wins.

Together, we are addressing the “skills gap” – particularly in our future talent pools – by extending our platform to universities, colleges and schools. We need your support in this!

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Case Studies

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A collaboration with the Association of Indian Universities to digitise their annual programme.

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Read more on how BUPA uses ProjectSet to scout out potential graduate talent by viewing Digital Profiles.

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American Student Assistance (ASA)

Learn how ASA used ProjectSet’s unique on-demand video and Masterclass assets to support their target users with 21st century skills.

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AISL Harrow Schools

Find out how AISL partnered with ProjectSet to set up a cutting-edge skills education curriculum and programme.

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