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If you have an innovative research idea, we offer you a platform to showcase it

Anveshan is a platform – set up by the Association of Indian Universities – for university students to develop and showcase their research aptitude and skills. The Association is pleased to open up the platform for the international student community to work on collaborative projects with students from over 1,000 universities across India. See more

Build and showcase your innovative research ideas, networks and skills in

three steps
Jul-Oct 2023


Select your Track, Zone1  and Team2   to register (Download your registration guide here)
Aug-Nov 2023


Co-develop your research idea with your team in your exclusive virtual workspace3 

Nov 2023 – Mar 2024


Compete in two stages4  for a chance to win certificates, cash prizes and a gold medal5


  • 1)  Zones are applicable only for students from AIU-affiliated universities in India
  • 2) Students from universities in India may participate solo or team up with other participants from the same zone (max 4 students per team); students from universities outside India may participate solo or team up with any other participant (max 4 students per team).
  • 3) Each team will have a virtual workspace with project management tools such as video calls, file sharing, messaging, etc.
  • 4) Teams with participants exclusively from universities in India will compete in their respective zonal rounds (North, South, East, West and Central) and the top 3 teams from each Track and Zone will be invited to compete in the Final round. Teams with at least one participant from universities outside India will compete in a semi-final round (online) and the top 5 teams from each Track will be invited to compete in the Final round.
  • 5) The gold medal is for the overall winner only (across all Tracks and Zones).

Grab this unique opportunity to win cash prizes, a gold medal, and a whole lot more

  • Represent your university in an international forum and competition
  • Share your innovative ideas with the research community from across the world
  • Connect with leading experts and get valuable inputs for your research
  • Get recognition and support (including potential international collaboration) to take your research to the next level
study laptop

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