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Transforming career prospects, one project at a time. ProjectSet allows students to complete remote project work for companies all over the country, transcending the barriers of distance and offering them the real-world experience they need.


Help students with work experience

ProjectSet provides university careers advisors with all the tools they need to oversee students’ remote project work with a high level of control.

How does ProjectSet Work?

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Frame project scope and assign student teams
and mentor.

3 Manage

Sign up employers to collaborate on the

2 Select

Monitor engagements and guide students.

4 Evaluate

Score student performance.

Help them shape their potential

Every student deserves the chance to build career skills. But the best opportunities often go to familiar candidates: based in large cities, studying at top-ranking universities, those that have the financial resources to commute or relocate...

ProjectSet is here to switch things up. We provide students with the opportunity to work remotely on real projects with top employers.

Improve Opportunities

Level the playing field with ProjectSet. Our platform enables diversity candidates to participate in online internships on an equal footing.

Strengthen University Brand

ProjectSet offers you a branded online internship platform with downloadable apps to help drive your reputation as a digitally-savvy and progressive team.

Better Oversight And Efficiency

More internships need not mean more work. Track projects in real time and view customised insights that help you focus your resources on the highest-impact areas.

Scale And Innovate

ProjectSet helps you connect more departments, improving the performance balance. Embed projects in more courses and enable multiple tutors to seamlessly steer inter-disciplinary projects.

Case Studies

ProjectSet opens doors for students that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get internships due to a lack of opportunity or resources. Find out how ProjectSet has helped change the direction of these students’ careers.

Meet our team Members?

ProjectSet is a platform designed for the digital world, but driven by genuine human concerns. Meet the real faces behind the scenes who are busy making sure your students have access to the right opportunities.

Sachin Jaswal Project Manager

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