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Skills Bootcamp 2021

What is Skills Bootcamp?

It's a free 10-week virtual skills training programme for current students and recent graduates. Through weekly interactive sessions and micro-projects (see program details here), the Skill Bootcamp is designed to help you develop your employability skills, build a digital portfolio, and connect to a variety of internship and job opportunities.

You will be expected to dedicate anywhere between 10 to 15 hours per week (including webinars, group exercises and other calendar sessions), but can work on a flexible schedule. You will receive comprehensive feedback and a certificate on successful completion of the week!

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  • Duration

    1-10 weeks
  • Weekly study

    10-15 hours
  • Where

    100% online
  • Cost

  • Accreditation

    Weekly certificates

A curated set of skill sessions and micro-projects

Catch up on our introductory session hosted by ISE that will help you learn about valuable soft skills and ways in which you can develop them. What's more? You'll get a sneak peek into the exciting opportunities listed below!

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Benefits of joining the Skills Bootcamp

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    Develop employability skills

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    Learn what leading employers are looking for

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    Build digital portfolio to showcase to employers

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    Meet and network with peer group

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    Connect to internship and job opportunities

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    Get a certificate of participation

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Employability skills are transferable skills that people need for employment. They are also called 'soft skills', and are separate from specific industry technical knowledge. These are the skills that can be applied to any job, e.g. teamwork, problem solving, pitching etc.

ProjectSet Skills Bootcamp is specifically designed to address the soft skill gap you might be facing before starting your career. During each one week session, we will highlight a key skill through webinars, resources, micro-projects, drop-in sessions and group exercises.

Every week will start with an introductory webinar session, introducing a key employability skill along with a project brief that you must complete during that week. Since this programme is encouraging you to develop practical workplace skills, all projects will require teamwork. You don't need to worry about creating your own team as the ProjectSet team will be randomly assigning participants to groups on the first day of every project week. The rest of the week will consist of interactive group exercises, drop-in sessions for questions and masterclasses to go further into depth about particular skills. We will provide you with a resource sheet as well so you'll always have something to refer to in case you need help. All submissions will happen on Friday, followed by a social hour to chill and play games!

When you sign up for the programme, you'll automatically also create a ProjectStudio account. This is our virtual collaboration software that includes tools like task planner, calendar, team chat, video call rooms etc. Don't worry, this account will be free for life so you can use it to work on projects of your own even after the programme!

This is completely up to you! While we recommend dedicating anywhere between 15 to 20 hours per week (including webinar, group exercise, and other calendar sessions), feel free to work to your schedule. Just remember the more time you put in, the more value you'll get out of the programme. While you can sign up to as few or as many skill weeks as you would like, attendance is mandatory for all calendar events during your participating week(s). This is designed to be like a work experience so you will not receive a certificate if you are absent.

Don't hesitate to ask! You can send your questions to anytime. Make the subject line of your email 'Skills Bootcamp Question' and we can get back to you even sooner!

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