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Shaping the future of work-based learning programs

ProjectSet was founded to address the accentuating skills gap in university graduates. It operates an online platform that connects university students, employers and educators to collaborate on virtual internships, hackathons or uni course projects. Through these projects, students can build their CV and digital portfolio, whilst learning crucial soft skills to improve their employability. Employers get the opportunity to network while accessing fresh ideas and talent.

ProjectSet democratises access to opportunities for disadvantaged communities by eliminating cost, commute and other key barriers they face in the traditional model. Equally, it enables SMEs and start-ups to take on interns by dismantling the traditional high-fixed cost structure of recruiting interns. The modern-day technology offers us an unique opportunity to help students gain potentially life-changing workplace skills and employers find valuable project support and talent.

ProjectSet uses its proven and distinctive project-based, part-time engagement model to drive scale, inclusivity and impact in these programs. Its London-based team is working on several innovative initiatives to make work-based learning programs and workplace skills truly ubiquitous and impactful in the world of graduate talent. So watch this space!

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