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Project-based teaching, made easy

With ProjectSet, you can set up projects, assign teams and co-opt mentors or employers in minutes rather than days. In addition you can track students’ progress real-time and, consequently, intervene, guide or evaluate them based on hard data.


Greater engagement, better learning

Project-based learning improves student engagement and learning outcomes. On our platform, you are always in control. You can easily configure projects to suit your curriculum needs (e.g. start date, duration, team size, etc.). You can seamlessly track, guide and support your students through their project journeys, including their interactions with mentors and employers. Managing these ‘projects’ becomes easy, particularly with our team on stand-by to support you, whenever you need them.

How does ProjectSet Work?

Post 1

Frame project scope and assign student teams
and mentor.

2 Select

Monitor engagements and guide students.

3 Manage

Sign up employers to collaborate on the

4 Evaluate

Score student performance.

Empower your students to achieve their potential

With project-based learning, you enable your students to take greater ownership of their learning agenda, beyond the classroom. ProjectSet, however, allows you to retain complete visibility of their learning process as well as facilitate and guide them in that journey more effectively.

Improve Student engagement and learning outcomes

Use project-based learning models to drive student participation and curriculum impact.

Save time and effort

Automate routine tasks

Delegate tasks - not control - to students, mentors and partners

Enrich course content

Offer students the opportunity to absorb perspectives and insights from practitioners as well as learn collaboratively from peers

Scale And Innovate

Empower students to take greater ownership of their learning and co-ordinate inter-disciplinary projects with multiple educators

Meet our team Members

ProjectSet is a platform designed for the digital world, but driven by genuine human concerns. Meet the real faces behind the scenes who are busy making sure your students have access to the right opportunities.

Sachin Jaswal Project Manager

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