Mentoring virtual internships

Mentoring students to help build skills

Virtual internships offer an innovative way for students to find and participate in work experience programs that they may not have otherwise been able to. With ProjectSet, employers have the option to invite a mentor to improve learning outcomes for the students.

As a mentor, you can guide the interns efficiently from anywhere, anytime – synchronously or asynchronously. Our online library and tools ensure that your interns complete the project with minimal demand on your time. Moreover, you can track progress their outputs, chat threads and timesheets!

Your students or employer network can invite you to join any project as a mentor.

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Additional benefits

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    Help your students build workplace skills

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    Offer projects to build the skills they need to be career ready

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    Improve learning outcomes

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    Guide students to effectively apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems

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    Extend your employer network

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    Connect with new employers that may be able to contribute to your courses and/ or student communities in the future

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