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Engage the talent you never knew existed

ProjectSet is building bridges between students and opportunities. We connect large enterprises, SMEs and startups with students from all over the country for flexible and cost-effective remote project work.


Hire university students, get work done

Get fresh ideas from motivated young minds, whenever you need them. No workspaces or big budgets required. Who knows? You might even find a future employee.

How does ProjectSet Work?

Post 1

Reach out to the best and brightest
of the student talent pool.

3 Manage

Manage your team from a single platform,
with expert support from ProjectSet.

2 Select

Choose a motivated team of students
that meet your project needs.

4 Evaluate

Assess the talent pipeline, provide feedback
and build your employer brand.

Reach out to brand new talent

The future of the economy and job market are currently studying at universities all over the UK.

With ProjectSet, you get vital project support from motivated students, while improving the opportunities at your organisation and scoping out potential future talent for your organization.

Industry analysis
Competitor analysis
Financial model
Data analysis
Database buildup
Market research and survey
PR, Copywriting
Blogs and articles
Promotional script or video
Brand management
Primary and secondary research (incl. Lexis/Nexis, Library of Congress materials,
Draft legal and non-legal reports and memoranda
Review simple contracts and NDAs
Grant applications
Social media
Creative graphic design
Website design
Product engineering, CAD and prototyping
Testing and QA
Architecture and design
Technical report writing

Expand your horizons—and theirs

It can be harder than it sounds to recruit students from a range of backgrounds. Often, you end up with identical candidates in the interview room—from the same universities, with similar skills and perspectives.

But diversity matters. ProjectSet helps you attract self-motivated students who bring new life and new ideas to your company’s projects.

Improve Diversity

Every organisation benefits from diversity of people and backgrounds. With ProjectSet, you can attract talent from across the UK with zero logistical costs or concerns.

Strengthen Employer Brand

Engage students early and leave them with valuable feedback and strengthen employability skills. Demonstrate your commitment to building talent for the future.

Receive Total Project Support

Taking on a student intern for remote work is a win-win. We provide a digital workspace with an online library, tools and training to support you all the way.

Assess Talent Pool

Build relationships with the most promising candidates by assessing interns in real-work situations. Employers can review portfolio and testimonials to screen candidates.

Projects 1
User Accounts 6
ProjectStudio Included
Customer Support Included
Dashboard Standard
Contract Period Monthly
Cancellable Yes
only £99* per month

*Introductory Price

Projects Unlimited
User Accounts Unlimited
ProjectStudio Included
Customer Support Included
Dashboard Customized
Contract Period Annual
Cancellable Yes
only £499* per month

*Introductory Price


1 x Project Post

3 x User Accounts


Project Mentor

Customer Support

Standard Dashboard

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Meet our team Members?

Real people for real change. ProjectSet is built by a team that understands the problems faced by both employers and students. Meet the faces helping you find the diverse project support your organisation needs.

Daniel Goha Head of Business Development

How we’ve helped other employers

Want to know how ProjectSet can simplify and expand access to online internships at your company? Hear from employers we’ve worked with!

BYRON HILL I valued the inputs and ideas from the students whilst being able to engage with them quickly. Most of all, I enjoyeoyed the flexibility of ProjectSet’s online platform that allowed me to engage with the students anytime from any location and thereby work around my other important commitments.

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