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Shape your talent and their curriculum

Virtual Course Projects are set up by Educators to enable students to apply specific concepts or theories to solve a real-world problem. Students work mostly in teams under the guidance of the educators to earn credits, as a part of a course-curriculum. However, educators are increasingly involving employers in these projects; for employers, it offers an opportunity to strengthen the employer brand, connect and assess student talent and potentially update knowledge and insights on deep technical topics.

With ProjectSet, you can now engage with course projects efficiently with the best-fit university programs – irrespective of their location and distance. You will typically be required to commit 2-4 hours a month over a 3-4 month period to mentor through technical insights and feedback.

For many employers, it offers an effective way to inform and influence the curriculum scope to align with the future talent needs of specific sectors. If there is a particular project you have in mind, we can help you network with universities to get the project up and running with their students.

Join a Virtual Course Project
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Additional benefits

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    Access fresh insights

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    Gather ideas and viewpoints from motivated, independent talent

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    Multiply your reach

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    Connect student communities that you would not reach otherwise

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    Build your employer brand

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    Offer your target student community the opportunity to build skills

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