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Virtual internships offer an innovative way to find diverse and fresh ideas and talent to fill your talent pipeline. It offers a cost- and effort-efficient way to engage a significantly larger and wider community of students from universities you do not typically recruit from.

With ProjectSet, you can post a project in as little as 2 minutes and instantly reach out to thousands of students from more than 100 universities to find the one that you need. You can guide the interns efficiently from anywhere, anytime – synchronously or asynchronously. Our online library and tools ensure that your interns complete the project with minimal demand on your time. Moreover, you can track progress their outputs, chat threads and timesheets!

This is a perfect way to expand your brand’s reach and simultaneously get a piece of work done. We operate across sectors; whether you need social media marketers to website technicians or mechanical engineers, you will find the perfect talent on our platform.

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Additional benefits

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    Access fresh insights

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    Gather ideas and viewpoints from motivated, independent talent

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    Find the best-fit talent wherever they are

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    Extend the geographical reach of your internship program

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    Build your employer brand

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    Offer your target student community the opportunity to build skills

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