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Virtual hackathons

Crowdsource innovative ideas and solutions

A virtual hackathon is an online event to crowdsource innovative ideas and solutions to a specific problem from a large and diverse population. It allows you to cherry-pick winning ideas and concepts in a time and cost efficient way.

With our platform, any employer or educator in any country can set-up a virtual hackathon in less than 30 minutes and at a fractional cost of a traditional hackathon – and yet reach 10x participants*. A virtual hackathon can be run in one or two stages based on the number of participants and complexity of the topic. You can include mentors, workshops, keynotes and pitching sessions to drive engagement. Please download our free e-book on how to set up and manage a successful virtual hackathon.

It has never been easier to set-up a virtual hackathon. Please call or email us on for a free trial to check it out yourself.

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What's in it for you?

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    Access fresh insights

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    Gather ideas and viewpoints from motivated, independent talent

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    Multiply your reach

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    Connect student communities that you would not reach otherwise

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    Recharge your team

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    Invigorate your star employees by involving them in exciting projects with bright young minds

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