Virtual hackathons

Crowdsource innovative ideas and solutions

A virtual hackathon is an online model to crowdsource innovative ideas and solutions from a large and diverse set of student teams. It allows you to directly compare the ideas and outputs across multiple student teams.

With ProjectSet’s virtual hackathon platform, you can set-up a hackathon at less than a third of the time and cost of a traditional hackathon and yet reach 10x participants.

Hackathons can focus on a range of themes ranging from socio-economic topics (e.g. climate change, diversity, etc. ) to entrepreneurship. For best engagement and outcomes, we recommend a two-stage hackathon (a format-free first stage of 1-2 weeks followed by a structured set of 6-12 hour sessions over 3-5 days in the second stage) filled with mentoring sessions, workshops, keynotes and a pitching session on the final day.

Overall, hackathons offer a great way for your to gather and assess inputs from a large and diverse pool of students in a short period of time.

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Additional benefits

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    Access fresh insights

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    Gather ideas and viewpoints from motivated, independent talent

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    Multiply your reach

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    Connect student communities that you would not reach otherwise

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    Recharge your team

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    Invigorate your star employees by involving them in exciting projects with bright young minds

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