Virtual hackathons

A virtual Competition or Challenge session for your students

A virtual hackathon is an online model to crowdsource innovative ideas and solutions from a large and diverse set of student teams. It allows you to directly compare the ideas and outputs across multiple student teams.

With ProjectSet’s virtual hackathon platform, you can set-up a hackathon at less than a third of the time and cost of a traditional hackathon and yet reach 10x participants. Hackathons can focus on a range of themes ranging from socio-economic topics (e.g. climate change, diversity, etc. ) to entrepreneurship. For academic programmes, we recommend a single-stage structured hackathon set of multiple weeks and including workshops and a pitching session at the end of the program.

This is becoming an increasingly popular way to engage with a large and geographically dispersed student community.

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Additional benefits

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    Improve student engagement

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    Offer students the freedom to exercise their creativity and imagination and collaboratively learn from their peers

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    Help your students build workplace skills

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    Offer projects to build the skills they need to be career ready

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    Access employers to mentor your students

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    Choose the most appropriate employers to participate and contribute virtually, irrespective of their location

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