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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a project?

A project is a multi-week (typically 6-10 weeks) initiative students undertake to solve a specific business problem, in collaboration with a student team. A project is typically defined and managed on the basis of a pre-agreed objective, scope, deliverables and timeline. Select examples include a) developing business case for a retailer to launch a new clothing line, b) estimating the size of energy drink market in the UK, and c) developing a new video to support recruitment programs.

We recommend that the scope, timeline and deliverables of the projects posted on ProjectSet are achievable for an off-site team of 3-5 students working part-time (typically spending 20-30% of their time during term-time) over a 3-6 month period. We found the following 3 categories of projects to be most effective for student communities:

  • Gathering data from external sources that are accessible to student communities, e.g. primary research of high-street retailers, secondary online research on competitors, etc.
  • Synthesising inputs from youth and/ or academic stakeholders such as students, educators; example includes comparative user analysis of video games, etc.
  • Developing outputs based on specialized technical skills that do not require significant sector expertise (i.e. sector-neutral) or involvement in a team (i.e. stand-alone) such as graphic design, software coding or video.

These projects often focus on exploratory groundwork to address an opportunity or a problem and help the Client assess the case to build on it by deploying more substantial and experienced resources.

We do not “match�? students to projects but enable students and employers to find each other. We encourage students to apply to projects that match their skills and interest and employers to select applicants whose profiles are appropriate for the project. In select cases, employers may choose to interview an applicant before making a selection.

ProjectSet offers all employers and their project teams free access to:

  • ProjectStudio, a private virtual working space for the project team where you can manage project schedules, engage in team discussions and share project documents.
  • ProjectGuide, a virtual library of tools, templates, apps and videos on a range of subjects that you can browse, adapt or use to complete your project faster and better.

In addition, ProjectSet offers employers the option to engage a ProjectMentor to guide and steer the student team. ProjectMentors are experienced professionals (e.g. ex-McKinsey/ Bain/ BCG strategy consultant) with substantial experience in project leadership. ProjectMentors help employers get better and faster results with significantly less time commitment.

ProjectSet encourages all employers to offer remuneration to interns as part of their remote project work. However, we work with employers of all sizes and recognise that this is not always possible. As such, this is not currently a requirement of using the platform.


Have more questions?

Behind ProjectSet is a team of friendly product experts who are prepared to answer any unanswered queries you may have about using our platform to recruit students for project-based remote internships. Get in touch with us today!

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