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UniHack 2020

We have officially reached the end of UniHack 2020. UniHack 2020 was a hackathon helping students tackle pressing global issues with the help of leading employers. Bupa, BT, Nestle and Schneider Electric sponsored this year’s hackathon. They offered invaluable advice to the students and personally mentored the team. This was a great opportunity to network with graduate employers and other university students. It was also a lovely community of supportive and friendly individuals, which we cannot thank all those involved enough for creating.

The standard of submissions was incredible, and the Grand Finale of Phase-2 yesterday was a great success. The judges from our sponsor partners were truly impressed with the level of detail and technical expertise from the students, as well as some moving personal stories relating to some of the themes discussed.

The overall winners were Tech Tacos, with Eco-logicgals, Mindscape, United but Diverse and Caveat Emptor winning their individual categories.

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A huge thank you to all of our sponsors, without whom UniHack 2020 would not have been possible …

Bupa Keynote talk

Bupa Keynote Speech … ‘Performance Energy: Identifying and taking ownership of what matters most to you’. Bupa discussed how to improve your work performance and create a work life balance, which supports your mental health needs. They also described their graduate program and rare insights for those looking to apply. Please watch the recording of the sessions for unique access to this amazing talk. To download a copy of the slides please click here.

Schneider Keynote talk

Schneider Electric Keynote Speech … ‘Sustainability & Innovation: The Dynamic Duo’. Schneider Electric discussed industry insights on sustainability and current trends in graduate recruitment. They described their graduate program and provided helpful tips for those looking to apply. Please watch the recording of the sessions for unique access to this amazing talk. To download a copy of the slides please click here.

Student Innovations

Mental Health

Mental Health winner: Mindscape

Mindscape came up with the idea of an all-encompassing platform to improve all aspects of health and develop life-long habits to sustain healthy physical and mental wellbeing. The app would allow users to create a profile, set themselves wellbeing goals and guide them with manageable steps to achieving their goals. The platform also integrates users with local charity-based goals and connects others to join forums and groups of like-minded people working on the same goal.

Bob Eats the Web looked at the mental health benefits of peer-to-peer support on campus in the digital age. Their idea MoodTron provides students with a digital platform to manage their mental wellbeing and building their own support network. MoodTron allows students to engage as much or as little as they feel comfortable with: from tracking their good and bad days with the help of the MoodTron chatbot, to anonymous text chat with someone at their University, to attending face-to-face meetings with their support groups.

Brainovators noticed that most mental health technologies are only didactic, which is not ideal for behaviour change and sustained engagement. They came up with the idea of an app to digitalise counselling and make it more engaging. Their app would allow for a mixture of one-to-one and group counselling. For complex problems, the app could host one to one counselling available via videoconferencing. Their target market, students, could also post problems anonymously on the app to reach out for help.

Team Anything Really tackled the problem of mental health through creating a digital solution for students. They came up with an AI Motivational Speaker Application. The app focused on university students and providing them with daily, weekly and monthly goals to help them overachieve and reach their true potential. Motivational speakers from all over the globe would be placed into one app and categorised by needs or type of motivation needed. The app would also be linked to devices like Alexa or Google Home to ensure the most user-friendly experience.

Climate Change

Climate Change winner: Eco-logicgals

Eco-logicgals tackled climate change, specifically focusing on sustainability within the building process. Their idea was a 'Green Infrastructure Investment Scheme' creating a bridge between a consultancy and certification company, which would work locally to ensure a building was as energy efficient and low carbon as possible throughout its entire lifecycle.

Circonomy looked at tackling Climate Change through creating a caring and creative community within businesses. They highlighted a key issue that sustainable targets within an organisation need to be dissipated through all levels of the business. For example, A business may be environmentally friendly, yet still have many employees who, personally, do not fully engage with their company’s ethos. Circonomy came up with a platform, which awards points and rewards for engagement with eco-friendly activities.

Workplace Diversity

Overall Winner: Tech Tacos

Tech Tacos focused on Social Mobility and Inclusivity. They came up with a way to help new staff integrate better and help existing staff feel connected. Their web application ‘Water Cooler’ included a virtual workspace in which staff could interact. ‘Water Cooler’ allows employees to create and customise an avatar, along with their desk space and interact with other staff on the platform. Tech Tacos presented a wonderful prototype demonstrating how users would interact with the program.

Workplace Diversity Winner: United but Diverse

United but Diverse worked on promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They created AccessND to help more neurodiverse people access employment and to create more opportunities in better environments. Their idea looked at reshaping recruitment processes, such as making job specifications more accessible and looking at the ways in which policies are designed and implemented. Their idea would reduce the risk of potential unconscious bias of employers. Employers would also have the option to take part in specialist careers fairs, opening up a conversation with neurodiverse talent, and the option to gain a neurodiverse employers award.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation winner: Caveat Emptor

Caveat Emptor were working on fashion industry standards and accreditation for sustainability. Caveat Emptor’s aim was to allow textile producers from developing countries to achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships with their buyers. Their idea tackled this problem by creating a set of standards for sustainable fashion business practices that members would need to meet, to qualify as a member of the organisation.

DreamTeam tackled the topic of sustainable fashion with their idea to connect customers directly to the manufacturers of the textile industry. This would mitigate the need for intermediate retailers and reduce waste by offering bespoke products on-demand. They suggested creating an online portal for consumers to shop through. The portal would list the sustainability of the manufacturers and a break down of the manufacturing processes involved in creating the garments.

Ecoshion proposed a website that would help consumers extend the life cycle of their clothes. The website would include tutorials so consumers could learn sewing techniques to make their clothes trendier. The tutorials would cover a broad range of abilities and be hosted by popular influencers. The website would also have a shopping portal where you could donate and buy upcycled clothes.

Madayib worked on a solution to tackle obesity and advocating for good mental health amongst the population. Madayib suggested a number of solutions including government initiatives to make fitness more accessible, incentivising fast food chains to adopt healthier menus and tighten regulation on product marketing. Their idea to invest more in park gyms were people can find easily accessible fitness opportunities was particularly popular amongst the student participants and sponsors.

Final Pitch

  • 7:10          Ecoshion

  • 18:37         Brainovators

  • 34:30       DreamTeam

  • 51:58         Eco-logicgals

  • 1:04:12     Tech Tacos

  • 1:15:56      Madayib

  • 1:28:43     Team Anything Really

  • 1:39:21      Bob Eats The Web

  • 1:52:21       United but Diverse

  • 2:02:58    Circonomy

  • 2:12:35      Caveat Emptors

  • 2:21:12       Mindscape

  • 2:32:02    RESULTS

Skills Developed

  • Design Thinking
  • How to Pitch with confidence
  • Communication
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Teamwork
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Business Case Design
  • Time Management & Planning
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Creativity & Innovation

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