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Virtual course projects

Work on your terms to build the scores and skills you need

Working on a project related to your subject or coursework is a great way to develop your skills and concepts. It involves learning by doing and complements the traditional methods of learning by reading or listening. Our platform allows you to work solo or in a team.

Working virtually, you have the flexibility to work anytime you want (late evenings, lunch-time or whenever) from anywhere and yet collaborate effectively by sharing files and messages on your dedicated workspace.

Moreover, you can archive key outputs with just a click to showcase it to employers. So, grab any opportunity to work on virtual course projects in your university. If you don’t find any on offer, speak to your professors, tutors or career services advisor to create one for you.

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    Learn more about your course content and topics

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    Work collaboratively with peers

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    Develop workplace skills

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    Grow your digital portfolio of work outputs

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    Connect with new employers and mentors

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