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The future’s open wide, no matter who you are

ProjectSet is an online internships platform that connects students from all over the USA with start-ups and established organisations to work on real-world projects. Work remotely at your convenience, get paid and gain game-changing employability skills.


Online internships for students

Can’t afford to relocate to New York or San Francisco for the internship opportunity of a lifetime? With ProjectSet, you don’t need to.

How does ProjectSet Work?

Browse 1

Discover projects in a field that interests
you from world-class graduate recruiters.

3 Deliver

Complete actual project work with the full
support of the organisation through ProjectSet.

2 Apply

Showcase your talent and interest
with just a few clicks.

4 Accomplish

Build your career skills with feedback,
client recognition and awards.

Wall Street internships, without the sky-high Manhattan costs

ProjectSet is revolutionising student internships. Too often, these invaluable opportunities are restricted to those who can afford to commute or relocate to major cities in the USA .

We’re here to level the playing field. ProjectSet allows students that are disadvantaged under the traditional internship model to find and complete remote project work at coveted employers, gaining invaluable career skills and connections.

Free To Use

We give students from all backgrounds the opportunity to gain invaluable career skills. That’s why ProjectSet is 100% free to use.

Receive Total Support

We don’t just match you to an opportunity. ProjectSet provides you with online library, tools and skills training to set you up for success.

Real World Experience

ProjectSet isn’t a simulation of project work: it’s a platform that allows students to work on real projects with real organisations.

Land Your Dream Job

The graduate job market is extremely competitive. No matter where you come from, ProjectSet will help you stand out with digital and remote working skills.

Making the impossible a reality

ProjectSet levels the internship playing field and opens doors for students from all backgrounds. Find out how our platform has changed the direction of these students’ career prospects.

ZOHAIRR I loved having the option of being able to engage with different employers from locations around the country that I would not have been able to access through traditional methods.

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