The Power of Video CVs: Creating An Everlasting First Impression!


As digitisation takes an increasing hold in our personal and professional lives, video CV is emerging as a fresh, powerful way to present ourselves. A video CV is a short audio-visual  presentation for us to showcase our skills, experiences, and capabilities in a way that goes beyond the limitations of a traditional static, paper-based resume in 3 key ways! 


1. Personalise, Beyond Words 
A video CV puts face and voice to the text and words in a traditional resume. It lends a human touch by uncovering your motivations, passions, and unique attributes in a way that resonates with recruiters on a personal level. Speaking confidently and maintaining eye contact, you can narrate your journey and achievements in a video CV more powerfully than a long list of qualifications can. 


2. Get Yourself Heard, Get Away From the Herd 
Use the magic of colours, movements and sounds in a video CV to engage your audience effectively. Simply speak into a camera or use visually engaging slides, images, video clips or sounds to highlight your unique attributes and suitability for a role. For example, you may provide a short demo of a relevant project when applying for a software coding role; or present a design portfolio when applying for a digital marketing, PR or media role. Overall a video CVs demonstrates your proficiency in handling digital communication media. 


3. Don’t Choose, Don’t Lose
You don’t need to choose either/ or; use a video CV in addition to – not in place of – the traditional text CV. This way, you offer your audience a choice and yet leverage the power of different media forms to grab their attention. As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, job seekers are scrambling to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Video CVs offer a novel and impactful way to capture recruiters' attention and differentiate oneself from other candidates. Remember: the objective of you CV is not to get you the job…. But just to get you on the list of interviewees. 


Light, Camera, Action! 
So, grab your camera, script your story, and step confidently into the future of job applications with your very own video CV.  Take that important step into the digital age to stand out in a hyper-competitive and super-crowded job market. You may want to view these examples to get some creative ideas on how to script your winning video CV.  


Check Out Some Inspiration:

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