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Innovation Challenge for Entrepreneurship 2021

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What is ICE-21?

ICE-21 is a virtual competition tackling innovation and entrepreneurship for all university students – no matter what subject they studied or how tech savvy they were. They had the opportunity to work with other students, develop their ideas, be mentored by leading employers, win prizes, and so much more.

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Thank you for your contributions

A huge thank you to all the professionals from following organisations that contributed as sponsors, mentor and judges to make ICE-21 a success. We couldn't have done this without you!

Our impact

ICE-21 engaged numerous students from universities all over GCC:

  • 237 Students

  • in

  • 78 Teams

  • from

  • 34 Universities

ICE-21 Winners

Congratulations to the winning teams:

  • Coconut Concrete


  • GulfCrypt

    Social Clout

ICE-21 Finalists

Congratulations to these teams for presenting in the finals of ICE-21!

  • Aeonian



  • MTC Students


    The BAHM Project

  • The Neuron Project

    The Palm


Here are the tracks the ICE-21 contestants worked on

Download the brochure to find out more information about the tracks

The Grand Finale of ICE-21: The Final Pitch

This is the entire recording of the pitch session at the end of Phase-2. Watch how all 13 teams got on!

  • 08:04         Aeonian

  • 22:24          Coconut Concrete

  • 37:35          CyberCare

  • 52:14           GulfAI

  • 01:05:54    GulfCrypt

  • 01:23:24      The BAHM Project

  • 01:41:04     Innovation

  • 01:58:27      MTC Students

  • 02:08:52    The Neuron Project

  • 02:21:27      The Palm

  • 02:33:30    Social Clout

  • 02:52:32      SyncedEarth

  • 03:03:12    WEvolve

  • 03:38:02     Award Ceremony

Skills developed

Now that students have completed ICE-21, what skills and experiences can they share with employers?

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    Mentored by a leading employer

  • tick icon

    Problem-solving and design thinking skills

  • tick icon

    Communication and teamwork skills

  • tick icon

    Analytical and critical thinking skills

  • tick icon

    Can pitch with confidence (online!)

  • tick icon

    Creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial mindset

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Student innovations

Aeonian from the Energy & Environment track came up with an App to get people to go green through gardening. The app would allow users to design their dream garden all in the pursuit of helping consumers become more eco-friendly.

Coconut Concrete from the Energy & Environment track looked into reinvented the process of making concrete. They came up with a greener way to create concrete through recycling used coconut shells.

CyberCare from the Health and Wellness track came up with an App that would promote the health and wellness of a specific user segment. Their app would help encourage a better work life balance through work planning and encouraging users to take regular breaks.

GulfAI from the AI and Robotics track presented a solution to streamline logistics processes in customs and shipping. Their solution would utilise advanced AI, natural language processing and real-time scanning vision.

GulfCrypt from the Fintech track looked into a solution to help boost the crypto currency market in the Middle East. They came up with a platform, which would provide a trusted source of information and courses about cryptocurrency to inform consumers.

Innovation from the Fintech track presented a solution to help university students with their financing. They came up with the idea of millennial student loans where students can borrow or lend from each other.

MTC Students from the Mobility track looked into ways to improve the autonomation in the maritime industry. They presented their idea on how technology can be used to create autonomous ships.

Social Clout from the Social Impact track researched into the topic of sustainability. They came up with an all-encompassing app that would help everyday users become more sustainable in their daily actions.

SyncedEarth from the Energy & Environment track researched how we can clean up the oceans and avoid harming sea creatures. Their solution was a device to collect plastic in the ocean using electrostatic force.

The BAHM Project from the AI and Robotics track reflected upon the current administration of COVID-19 vaccinations. They came up with a system to combine state of the art technology with data driven models to bring pharmaceutical products to users faster.

The Neuron Project from the AI and Robotics track came up with a futuristic evolution of the education tool. Their idea featured a system which would analyse student learning styles and teaching plans to create more tailored and effective syllabuses.

The Palm from the Energy & Environment track researched into the local agriculture industry in the middle east, specifically exploring Palm Trees. They came up with a solution to protects palm trees from weevil infestations in an eco-friendly way.

WEvolve from the Health and Wellness track presenting a mental health app to resolve the lack of support currently available. Their app had many features such as meditation, E-Consultation and workshops all in the aim of supporting those struggling with their mental health.

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