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With ProjectSet, you get vital project support from motivated students, while improving the opportunities at your organisation and scoping out potential future talent for your organization.

Analyse 100 publicly listed companies Time: 12 hours per week Duration: 4 weeks Deliverables: Slide Presentation Analyse 100 publicly listed companies. The analysis involves:
  • gathering relevant key information (e.g. location, revenues, no. of employees, key customers, etc.) and
  • conducting a preliminary evaluation assessment with respect to 3-5 criteria (to be communicated).
  • ...
Analyse existing competitors for a product or service Time: 10 hours per week Duration: 3 weeks Deliverables: Slide Presentation This is a review of key competitor position and activities to inform the launch strategy of a new product. The student team will identify the 3-5 key competitors in the market today (based on end-user need angle) who offer products or services to the same or similar market segments. The analysis will highlight the product/ service brand name, average price p...
Update or gather CRM data Time: 8 hours per week Duration: 3 weeks Deliverables: Worksheet Review data on 50 companies and/ or individuals (sales prospects) with up to 5 fields per entry (e.g. company name, role, contact information, etc.). The students will check the accuracy of available information and search for missing information, if any, through secondary research of public information sources.
Gather student perspectives on a firm’s diversity and inclusion practices Time: 10 hours per week Duration: 6 weeks Deliverables: Slide Presentation Organise up to 5 mini focus-groups of university students to synthesise their: a) interpretations and definitions of the terms “diversity” and “inclusion”; b) views on the client’s policies, practices and initiatives on “diversity and inclusion”; and c) recommendations, if any. The student will, in addition, research and summarise inpust from 1...
Prepare a database of venture capital investors Time: 10 hours per week Duration: 3 weeks Deliverables: Worksheet Develop a detailed list of up to 30 venture capital investors with information on their profile (e.g. contact details, etc.), investment strategy (e.g. sector focus, investment stage, geography focus, etc.) and track record (e.g. portfolio companies, returns, etc.). The information will be based mainly on secondary research of investor websites.
Fill in a grant application Time: 8 hours per week Duration: 5 weeks Deliverables: Article/Blog/Document Fill in a grants application for a new R&D project. The student will need to articulate the value and benefits of the proposed project in a succinct and yet persuasive style. The student will also prepare detailed overview of the project objectives, timescale, deliverables and funding based on detailed consultation and inputs from the company as well as revi...
Build a simple financial model Time: 10 hours per week Duration: 4 weeks Deliverables: Worksheet Develop an excel-based financial model to analyse the Income Statement, Balanace Sheet and Cash Flow of a business. The model will include:
  • up to 3 different revenue lines, each with its price and volume numbers (or estimates)
  • up to 3 direct cost items,
  • up to 3 overhead cost items
  • ...
Mystery Shopping Time: 5 hours per week Duration: 5 weeks Deliverables: Worksheet Test and benchmark service levels of our call-centre and web-based customer support. The student will make a total of 40 calls 40 web-based queries to the client’s and its competitors’ customer care centres. The student will ask pre-defined questions and record the response level in terms of 4-5 pre-defined parameters (e.g. response lead time, courtesy, ...
Write a blog or article for Social Media Time: 5 hours per week Duration: 4 weeks Deliverables: Article/Blog/Document Write a blog or an article for a company website and social media. The client will provide the broad theme or topic and the student will prepare a draft blog or article based on secondary research and discussions with the client. The draft will likely evolve through 2-3 iterations before it can be finalised. While students are not expected to have in-depth k...
Develop a promotional video Time: 10 hours per week Duration: 4 weeks Deliverables: Audio-visual (video/film/photo/music/art) Translate a storyboard into a 90-120 sec video to showcase our company as a model employer for university graduates. The company will provide the storyboard; the student is expected to develop the video in line with the storyboard using graphic animation, stock video clips and text. The student will finalise the voiceover and background music after reviewing...
Develop a social media campaign plan Time: 5 hours per week Duration: 3 weeks Deliverables: Social media campaign Develop a campaign plan for each of the four social media platforms used by the company: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The plan will provide a schedule and theme for content to be posted on each specific platform. It will include 40-50 social media posts per month across all the platforms covering a mix of announcements, comments and thought–l...
Develop a new website Time: 8 hours per week Duration: 4 weeks Deliverables: Website Develop a new website on WordPress. The client will provide the website content, stock images and colour schemes. The student will be expected to suggest 3-5 alternative design options/ templates and guide the client in choosing one by clearly outlining the technical pros and cons of each. Subsequently, the student will update the selected template with the ...
PR, Copywriting
Review Simple Contracts or NDA’s Time: 10 hours per week Duration: 2 weeks Deliverables: Article/Blog/Document Review up to 5 contract documents (average 15 pages each) to carefully analyse and summarize the following for each contract.
  • Estimate maximum potential liabilities and scenarios
  • Highlight contract period / expiry of key obligations and/ or liabilities
  • ...
Research (incl. Lexis/Nexis, Library of Congress materials, etc.)
Document drafting
Update user manual Time: 8 hours per week Duration: 3 weeks Deliverables: Article/Blog/Document Update the user manual to reflects recent changes in product features and specifications. The company will brief the student on the key changes to be reflected and provide documents with the updated information (or specifications). The student will be required to review the current manual (maximum 20 pages) to:
Conduct user tests on your new website Time: 15 hours per week Duration: 2 weeks Deliverables: Article/Blog/Document Conduct various tests on our website to monitor the efficiency of our landing pages and create benchmarks with our competitors to see on what areas we can prioritise improvement in the short-term future.
Engineering design and drawings
Biomedical Sciences
Architecture and design
Software code development

Expand your horizons—and theirs

It can be harder than it sounds to recruit students from a range of backgrounds. Often, you end up with identical candidates in the interview room—from the same universities, with similar skills and perspectives.

But diversity matters. ProjectSet helps you attract self-motivated students who bring new life and new ideas to your company’s projects.

Improve Diversity

Every organisation benefits from diversity of people and backgrounds. With ProjectSet, you can attract talent from across the UK with zero logistical costs or concerns.

Strengthen Employer Brand

Engage students early and leave them with valuable feedback and strengthen employability skills. Demonstrate your commitment to building talent for the future.

Receive Total Project Support

Taking on a student intern for remote work is a win-win. We provide a digital workspace with an online library, tools and training to support you all the way.

Assess Talent Pool

Build relationships with the most promising candidates by assessing interns in real-work situations. Employers can review portfolio and testimonials to screen candidates.

Meet our team Members

Real people for real change. ProjectSet is built by a team that understands the problems faced by both employers and students. Meet the faces helping you find the diverse project support your organisation needs.

Sachin Jaswal Project Manager

How we’ve helped other employers

Want to know how ProjectSet can simplify and expand access to online internships at your company? Hear from employers we’ve worked with!

BYRON HILL I valued the inputs and ideas from the students whilst being able to engage with them quickly. Most of all, I enjoyed the flexibility of ProjectSet’s online platform that allowed me to engage with the students anytime from any location and thereby work around my other important commitments.

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